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If you’re trapped in high interest Car Loan, we may be able to help! We offer great interest rates, even if you don’t have the best credit, allowing customers to save money and pay off their loans faster. Learn More!

Car Title Loans

If you have a car title and need cash fast, a Title Loan may be a great solution for you.  We have reasonable title loan rates and low monthly payments.  Our loan approval process takes about an hour.  Learn More!

Why Use Our Loan Services?

Don’t get tricked into a high-rate loan you’ll be paying on for years. We’re a family-owned business that offers Title Loans and Used Car Financing at reasonable rates and low monthly payments. We help you understand your loan so you feel confident in what you’re doing. We make the loan process simple and convenient—you’ll know if you’ve been approved in less than an hour!


  • Used Car Financing up to $10,000
  • Auto Loans at Affordable Rates
  • Pay Off Existing High Rate Auto Loans
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • 1 Hour Service
  • Call for a FREE Quote

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The Dilco Team

Roger Davis

Roger Davis


Roger has been in the finance business since 1974. He worked at a few national finance companies before joining Dilco in 2001. He spends his days talking with customers, answering…read more

Allen Davis

Allen Davis

Assistant Manager

Allen has been with Dilco since 2010 years, and has been in the finance business for over 20 years. An assistant manager, he consults with clients and helps them through the loan process…read more

Rosa Dunagin

Rosa Dunagin

Front Desk Manager

Rosa is Dilco’s front desk manager and bookkeeper. She’s lived in Greenville all her life, and started working at Dilco right after graduating high school in 1987. Rose says she’s stayed at Dilco…read more

Rod Parker

Rod Parker

Loan Officer

Rod first met Roger when they worked together in the finance industry in the 70s. Rod then gained experience in the auto industry before getting back into finance with Roger at Dilco…read more

Very friendly staff that explained all the details and fine print on the loan. Flexible pay schedule is very convenient and nice!
Sean Cox
22:29 12 Feb 18
The place to go, easy and quick financing - buy-vehicle , no worries! Great people ✅✅✅✅✅
14:51 10 Feb 18
Sweet family! Highly recommend.
Ashley Tipton
16:23 30 Sep 17
I have been a customer of Dilco's for over 6 years and they are a WONDERFUL company to work with. I have been nothing but pleased with their excellent service. Everyone there is friendly and helpful - my family loves Dilco!
Mandy Mills
13:50 26 Aug 15
I've worked with Dilco for a number of years and know each staff member on a personal level. They are a friendly group and treat their customers with respect. Dilco offers financing on used cars and refinancing on high-interest title loans. I highly recommend this company!
Ben Davis
17:04 19 Mar 15
I thank Dilco for allowing me a chance to have a vehicle,and helping me build my credit. I recommend Dilco finance, Auto, to Everyone.
Tracy Robinson
19:10 26 Nov 18
All the Staff at DILCO are fabulous. We have dealt with them many years and several loans 🙂 Never a hitch and they treat you like number ONE 🙂 Great folks.
Sorenson JK
14:26 13 Dec 18
There are always nice and friendly they will help you just about any problems you may have
Brian 24 Paden
18:49 26 Jul 19
A great family business ..They have been saving me for years lol.. Great people to deal with the whole staff has great energy..
Aldaron Hicks
17:27 29 Jul 19
They are a great family oriented business who has been serving their community for many years now from used car sales to personal loans. I have been getting loans from them for many years and they have been great just as long as you keep your end of the bargain in paying it back. They will try their best to help you with whatever they are able to.
Demarius Kohn
03:07 04 Aug 19
Staff is very nice and helpful. I Recommend to everyone!
Kimberly Anne
16:08 08 Aug 19
Roger and his team are very honest people! Absolutely loved working with them. He will help you to his best ability and will always do right and be honest. 10/10 would recommend.
Cheyenne DeSantiago
23:36 28 Aug 19
Great service! Allen was great had the paperwork ready I was in and out in less than about 15 minutes. Roger also is a great manager has helped me out numerous times. Great place to do business always very helpful
Jim Hrab
19:39 06 Sep 19
Great service! Allen was great had the paperwork ready I was in and out in less than about 15 minutes. Roger also is a great manager has helped me out numerous times. Great place to do business always very helpful
Jim Hrab
19:39 06 Sep 19
Very professional and analytical ownership, absolutely outstanding customer service and hospitality! They give Yu that"down home" feeling, w great interest rates, couldn't be happier, I chose dilco of Greenville as my finance specialist!
Neon Myers
17:24 09 Nov 19
Great place to finance your next vehicle, much easier to deal with than Watson finance.
Mark Kellerman
13:11 22 Sep 20
I have dealt with them for a couple of years and never had one bad experience.Mr. Roger is always helpful and courteous as is the rest of the staff. I do recommend them
Larry Nations
13:23 13 Mar 21
Always had great experienceswith the team here. I say team but they are more like family.
Brian Gilstrap
22:45 15 Jun 22
Great place to get a loan. Friendly and helpful. Roger and Rosa are great to work with.
John Hall
14:27 23 Sep 22
Always will recommend Dilco. Mr. Davis is always great to work with.
Jonathan Lollis
14:43 19 Oct 22
I have been with dilco for many years and they are the very best.
Heather Spivey
14:46 19 Oct 22
Allen was great to deal with.... Told him my situation, dude didn't hesitate to help... May be my new finance company going forward..
15:48 02 Nov 22
Keep doing a good job and I would tell everyone to go and buy trucks and cars and vans from y'all because they are good quality of vehicles to choose from
Melissa Nalley
17:43 05 Dec 22
This place is amazing I would highly recommend. Financing a vehicle here. They are a very friendly outgoing place with people that really care. Allen helped us get an affordable monthly payment and helped us get cheaper insurance with information I didn't know because I'm 19. Treats you like family! Will definately be coming back!
Blaine Hall
17:23 06 Jan 23
Allen is a great person to deal with.and the lady that takes the payment is very nice all together I would refer anyone to them .
Michelle Martinez
17:48 08 Feb 23
This is a great company to deal with!! Wonderful Christian people who really care and take time to work with you!
Pamela Weeks
18:04 31 Dec 22
Dilco is an awesome place to make loans at, you can buy cars here and it’s pretty fast. Allen is amazing
Mary Davis
14:11 01 Jul 23
I must say this is the Best Company Ever I’ve been with them for over 5 years and they are the only company I will call in my time if need because I know they will beyond measured to help me I love this Company Dilco Of Greenville 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Rod Parker you are The Best!!!
Robin Pickens Kouadri Habaz
17:55 27 Sep 23
Love the service and the people. Allen, Rod and Rosa
Deborah Carr
18:14 27 Sep 23
Good family best people I know in town
James Mcgee
19:10 20 Nov 23
I would highly recommend Dilco to anyone looking for a loan. My husband and I have been using Dilco for more than 6 years. They are a family owned business and we are proud to support them locally. I have referred Dilco to friends and family and they never disappoint.
Miriam Mancini
16:35 21 Feb 24
My wife has delt with dilco for years and they have been more than helpful with her getting car and financing!
Michael Barger
22:45 05 Apr 24
Very nice, willing to work with you.
Barbara Hall
19:02 15 Apr 24
Great people and great place to do business. Allen and Rosa and Roger have always been pleasant and appreciate our business! Thanks guys!
Theresa Falcone
19:11 02 May 24